Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekends here! I personally will be staying inside it seems (stupid rain) for the weekend. Think I'll go dust off the ol' PS2 and pop in some Maximo or some Jax and Dexter. Maybe turn on the Xbox360 and get the stick out to play some Street Fighter or MvC3. No matter what system you're into we wanna know,  "What are you playing this weekend?"


  1. I probably won't be doing much else than playing The Sims 3. I'd complete Ōkami again if my PS2 controller hadn't broken the other day.

  2. Making sure to beat Bulletstorm and wait til monday for the gears beta!

  3. i started baldur's gate 2 this weekend. Some of the fights are super hard!