Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Minecraft Patch 1.5 Released!

(you can see the rain on the left and the snow on the right)
     So far, I love it. This new patch to Minecraft is great. Spawning a new world and immediately got to experience the new rain effect. But what was great about it, was it just so happened to be on the edge of a winter Biome. Check this out. The achievement pane was pretty well done, Really enjoyed seeing the little box pop up every time I did something awesome. Seemed a bit shallow though, not much content in the achievements. The statistic pane was great. because we all wanna know how many times we have gotten blown up, Fell to our death or drowned while out adventuring in our own little sandbox planet. Another neat feature for the weather is it can block out the sun, Kinda interesting.

Booster rails have been added: which is greaaaat!!!!! It's about time I don't have to make some random contraption to make my carts go long distance!

Other then that, It was a pretty basic update. Fun things to do again nonetheless! Mine on friends, Mine on.

Update: The achievements are supposed to be added too over time! Wheww thank god.


  1. Great, I have been looking forward to a patch. Thanks for the concise write-up too.

    Will definitely follow for more posts in the future :). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, I didn't even know this was coming out. Thanks for the review.

  3. Great write up. Been playing minecraft for the last few weeks, i havent seen many bugs tho..
    Cant wait for more

  4. The snow and rain effects look uber-cute. There is something calming in the way they slowly fall down. Love it!
    Did you hear about a final release date? It's 11\11\11

  5. @lets go get lost, I did hear that the release was 11/11/11 I cannot wait =]

    Sorry for the lack of blogging these last two days. Minecraft has been keeping me very very busy

  6. I'm loving the new weather in Minecraft. Notch is the man!

  7. never played minecraft - looks like a solid game though