Monday, April 11, 2011

Rela's Wow Diary: Storming The Keep

I decided I wanted to do a sort of diary for The World of Warcraft. This article will follow a young goblin priest as he travels into the heart of Shadowfang Keep and confronts Lord Godfrey.

First off, a little background on the keep itself:

Shadowfang Keep is a haunted keep near the borders of Gilneas in southern Silverpine Forest, on a high bluff overlooking Pyrewood Village. It is the former base of operations for the demented Archmage Arugal, who wrested the keep from Baron Silverlaine with his worgen "children" and held it until he was defeated by agents of the Horde. The keep is now occupied by the followers of renegade Gilnean nobleman Vincent Godfrey, traitor to both his homeland and to the Forsaken who returned him from death.

SFK is one of the first instances players will step into. The mobs within are entirely undead, as the worgen mobs have long since disappeared with the death of Archmage Arugal. Without further wait, here is the first entry of Rela's Wow Diary.

Storming The Keep:

There was only a few of us left.

We fought tooth and nail, just to get to the front door of the keep. The few left were a motley bunch. 

A ragged Tauren with broken chain mail hanging off his enormous muscular figure. In one hand a chipped shield forged into the shape of the Horde Crest, In the other a great hammer dripping with blood from the already exhausting fighting from outside. 

The next were a pair of great Orcs. One wielding an Axe larger then myself, two fold. The second being an older Orc with a massive white beard and what seemed to be lightning flickering in his eyes. he wielded no weapon, yet something told me he didn't need one.

Then there was, Commander Belmont. He was our leader, even for a Forsaken he looked fit, and almost brimming with life until you looked into the hollow depths that were his eyes, every hint of a soul vanished long ago. He wielded a large Crossbow with what looked like bolts coated in living death, the putrid green substance dripping from each one stained the floor black where he stood.

Last, There was me.

A young goblin from the now destroyed island of Kezan, who somehow found himself dragged into conscription by the horde, and now a personal healer to Commander Belmont himself. Standing at barely 3 feet, I wasn't much of a target they thought. My robes were torn and I had lost my staff when a ghoul jumped on to my back fighting outside. 

Inside the Keep wasn't much cheerier then the outside, It smelled of death. Like everything in this cursed part of the world. 

A quick roar to the right showed a frenzied geist lunging at the massive Tauren.

The towering paladin literally shrugged off the relentless swipes, Bashing the geist dead center in the face with his shield.

The geist went limp. Another jumped from the opposite site, Quick as lightning the older Orc slammed a fist into its side. Thats when I noticed he was attuned with the elements, Frost spread through the geist. Freezing it solid, Falling to the floor with a thud.

"This will be quite an experience" I thought out loud... or at least my last....

To Be Continued!

In the comments below tell me what you thought! Would love some great feedback, Hope you enjoyed the story so far.

I also included some screenshots from the actual dungeon group.
The Horrors located inside the keep

Rel is stylin'

Looking after Commander Belmont


  1. Thanks this gives me some insight on the goblins,i never got the chance to get Cata.

  2. I love them! I don't know if its the fact that the models have higher poly counts, or just their attitudes. I really hope you liked the article. there will be many more where that comes from!