Sunday, April 10, 2011

Superrrrr Street Fighter 4!!!! (and some others)

Just finished up the layout work for tonight and decided to hit Youtube to watch some street fighter matches as I tend to do from time to time. With the blog now up and running, I find this a great time to share some videos with my followers! Ready! Go!

This first video showcases the skills of a high level player "Tokido" He is considered one of the best Gouki (Akuma) players in the world. and from the video you can see why, Perfect combo strings, capitalizing on the opponents weaknesses and missed attacks, great defense, a horrific offense. He has Style and is a well respected competitor. 

Here is another video, A personal Favorite as I am a Blanka player myself, This time around the video showcases "T SRAI" who is considered to be THE best Blanka player on the planet. Now from the first video you can really see the difference in skill level even at such a high tier of play,  T SRAI just annihilates his competition, the matches are no where near close. I hope you enjoy this video, its amazing.  

This next video we are going to go back a few years and kick it old school, With another personal favorite. this time the player is "YSB" and the game of choice it Street Fighter: Third Strike. The differences between 3 and 4 are quite large, With Third Strike considered to have a higher skill ceiling then SSF4.  Now I like the way YSB plays because it is so aggressive. He just wont back down until he is knocked out. which as you can see doesn't happen very often as he makes short work of another top player "RX"

Now for a crowd favorite, A video of Diago "The Beast" Umehara himself. He is considered one of, If not THE best player in the world. His skill level is so much higher then regular players, in the video you can see Exactly why he is considered the best,GET HYPE! watching him take on Justin Wong. Disclaimer: It gets loud! 


  1. Good stuff ^^ last video is pretty awesome, wish I could Street Figher le sigh.

  2. That last vid blew my mind. I just picked up SF4 3DS, pretty quality stuff.

  3. That last video is one of the reasons I entered the genre.