Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily Game Review Top 10 MMORPG List

Top MMORPGs are ranked based on my views personally. Some may be entirely objective. Pay to play, as well as free to play will be ranked together. I don't expect everyone to agree with my list, or else it wouldnt be my list. Short previews are under each screenshot for the list.

First up:

#10 - Aion

In-combat Screenshot Aion- Tower of Eternity
Labeled as a "wow killer." Had pretty good cover polish, but as you roll your way through the game It starts to get old quick and becomes very grindy. The fight mechanics were cool, but kinda gimmicky. All in all, Its an okay MMO, If you're into Asian grindfests.

#9 - Maple Story

Maple Story in-game Screen shot
One of the few Mmos that look like a side scrolling Platformer from a console game. Very very grindy when I last played it. Still fun to do with a few friends, playing alone is very boring and there isn't as many quests as I would have liked. Played it when it was new and it has always held a spot on my favorite list.

#8 - Guild Wars

Guild Wars Screenshot
Mixed feelings about this one, when it first came out it was great. I could get past the Instanced towns and the feel it wasn't a complete open world MMO. but with the expansions and stuff that was release, It lost a lot of foothold for me. overall, a decent game and with Guild wars 2 coming out you can expect too see the letters Guild higher on the list

#7 -Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online Screen
When this first came out, It was great and many thought it would be what toppled the World of Warcraft. But alas, It didn't stay that way. Great class design, the pvp was very entertaining as well as the different races were so unique from each other.

#6 - Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online
Think side-scrolling Devil May Cry with minotaurs/Orcs and lots of guns. Great game that you can even play with a Xbox controller. Very arcade feeling, grab a party together and take on some crazy bosses in fast action. Also has great PVP. The pvpers are really good so be prepared to get your ass kicked while you learn.

#5 - Champions Online

Champions Online Screenshot
I'm a sucker for super heroes and a game that lets you fully customize the way your super hero looks? Yes Please! Great Graphic style, good controls. Overall a very solid game.

#4 - Eve

Eve UI Shot

This is the game if you want to PVP. It's considered one of the most hardcore player vs player environments in a MMO. Some of the funniest moments in my gaming career were in EVE, watching some guy try to kill you while your fleet warps in it's priceless.

#3 - Rift

Rift Screen

Wow remake, but prettier. Not really much to say about it. Its just another WoW template Mmorpg. Still fun but nothing special. No real Cons No real Pros. Still enjoyable if your computer can handle the graphics. I still rate it high nonetheless and you should give it a go, It could be what you enjoy.

#2 - LoTRo

In-Game Screenshot of LoTRo
Love this game, It's amazing. If you wanna play a game to kill bosses and get geared up and have fun with a ton of people, play World of Warcraft. If you want to play a game to have fun while roleplaying, exploring a world previously only held to the imagination then this is the game for you. I personally use it during WoW downtime, and an extra perk is that it is free to play! even though you have to buy quest packs, but they can be purchased through in-game currency.

#1 - World of Warcraft

Friends and I after our first Lich King kill
I know that there are those of you out there who were hoping for something, anything; else to top this chart and to be honest I would have liked that too. For so many years now WoW has been the king of the MMO castle and for some, especially those who are looking for a change, the idea that WoW will still be standing tall even three years down the road from here is a tough pill to swallow. Still a great contender and an innovator of the genre.

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  1. I use to play wow but honestly it just gets boring after a while. Plus with all the new changes to levelling it's not near the challenge it use to be.

  2. maplestory is pretty winrar

    stoned + food + music + maplestory = win

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about Eve and Rift. Pretty sure I could never get into WoW, though.

  4. of course WoW is Number 1 :D

    its the best game ever. Been playing it since beta

  5. thumbs up for maple story, i think it should get a better rank though

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