Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pokémon Black Review

Pokémon Black is the latest edition added to the popular Pokémon video game series along with Pokémon White. This time designers of the game have introduced many new features and a new environment never before seen in any Pokémon games. With all the new features and improved graphics it is bound to win the hearts of Pokémon lovers.
Typically Pokémon games are based in a village and forest environment and the story hardly involved the city life but this time with the Black version this is different. This time the story moves around a city called black city which is a major difference than all other Pokémon version released.
The city offers some distinct advantage to the gamer. You will find lots of trainers in the city and training and level up for Pokémon you catch is really easy. The trainers drop a lot of rare items that will give you an extra advantage in the battles. However, new Pokémon available to catch is less than what is available in the white version.
The most powerful Pokémon in the Pokémon Black version is a white dragon called Reshiram that attack with fire. The attack power is high but it can't move as fast as its main opponent Zekrom from the White version.
The game has hundreds of hours of game play and some cool online features to fight with other gamers and also you can trade your Pokémon and rare items with them. This trading option is really great as you can even get Pokémon that are only available in the white version by trading.
The black version introduces new rotation battle system. You can enter a battle with three Pokémon but can only send one at your turn. The interesting thing added to this battle system is that you can rotate the Pokémon any time you want. It does not count as a turn; you can rotate and attack in the same turn, a feature that was not available in previous versions.
The graphic hasn't improved a lot and comparing with other Xbox 360 and Play Station games, one would say the graphics is rather 'poor'. Battle animation has improved a bit with better camera angle and zoom in and out features. You get to see a lot of battle animation this time which definitely make the battles more exciting and entertaining.
Pokémon Black may not get good rating in all aspects but it is certainly getting a lot of attention from the gamers and selling even better than the White version. Most gamers though choose this version to get Reshiram, the mighty white dragon Pokémon.


  1. I hear from a lot of people that black and white are some of the worst in the series

  2. New Pokemon = I have to check it out!

  3. I wouldn't say "worst" I'd say, most "different".