Friday, July 29, 2011

Heroes of Newerth - Now Free To Play!!

Heroes of Newerth (Hon) Is a multiplayer online battle arena (Moba) Just like League of legends. Just recently it has gone free to play.

Hon has over 70 "heroes" to play as. Hundreds of items to choose from, as well as many special perks around the maps.

I personally am a League player, So I'll be trying Hon out and giving you guys an impression of how it stacks up against Lol. It looks fun, and its one of my favorite times of game to play. Game on!

You can download the game here:


  1. I've heard of this game, but didn't know it had been made free. I actually thought it already was O_o Anyway, it is now, so now I'm right that it is.

  2. DotA was always fun to watch, but not play :P
    Going to follow this a bit more

  3. Great, now I just need to learn how to not suck at this

  4. I'm going to have to play this

  5. free to play now? freaking awesome maybe ill play after im done with rift