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League of Legends - Solomid Hosting A 1v1 Tournament

they are hosting another 1 vs 1 tournament and will be including cash prizes as well as the usual Riot Points! They are aiming for 1024 signups, but if things go well and a lot more people sign up, They will extend it to 2048 players instead.

Rules "taken from"  : 


Players are responsible for reading and understanding all rules prior to playing matches. All rules and information is subject to change.


· July 10- August 4th

· North American Servers Only

· Please sign up with in-game summoner name, otherwise you will disqualified.

· Matches will start on August 5th (Friday) 8p.m.(PDT) and end on August 26th.


· Single Elimination Round 1 - Friday August 5th (1 match will be played)

· Single Elimination Round 2 - Saturday August 6th (1 match will be played)

· Single Elimination Round 3 - Sunday August 7th (1 match will be played)

· Single Elimination Round 4 - Friday August 12th (1 match will be played)

· Single Elimination Round 5 - Saturday August 13th (1 match will be played)

· Single Elimination Round 6 - Sunday August 14th (1 match will be played)

Break for Gamescom-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

· Single Elimination Round 7 - Monday August 22nd (1 match will be played)

· Single Elimination Round 8 - Wednesday August 24th (1 match will be played)

· Top 32 Teams Tournament Day 1 – Saturday August 27th (matches will be played)

**Schedule may change. Top 4 will be double elimation. **

1. First match will be played from 12 pm PDT – 3 pm PDT (or any time before)

2. Second match will be played from 3pm PDT – 6 pm PDT

· Top 8 Teams Tournament Day 2 – Sunday August 28th ( match will be played)

1. This playoff will be double elimination

2. The first match of the day will start at 12 PDT and each match will be allotted 2 hrs (12 pm PDT – 8 pm PDT)

3. We will be playing to determine championship bracket’s winner and losers brackets finalists

4. Expect to play up to 4 matches

· Finals – Saturday September 3rd

1. 3rd and 4th seeding matches will be played at 12pm PDT

2. 2nd and 3rd seeding matches will be played at 2 pm PDT

3. 1st and 2nd seeding matches will be played at 4 pm PDT


· Players are expected to look at the tournament tree and schedule their matches with their opponents prior to their match.

· Join League of Legends Client’s Channel (case sensitive) to find your opponents.

· All match communications should be done via forums or in-game client for our records.

· If you are unable to contact you opponents, your default match will be 8pm PDT.

· If your opponent does not show within 15 minute of the default match time, take a screenshot of the chat channel showing that you are there and your opponent isn’t (time-stamped). If the match were to be disputed, you'll be requested a screenshot.

How Matches will be Played

· Total of 4 bans per player.

· Bans will take place in a 1-2-2-2-1 order.

. After Bans, you will proceed to a blind pick. The Bans will stay the same for the 2nd game, but you will do another blind pick.

· All games will be first to First Blood, which means dying to a tower or jungle creeps does not count. Having first blood awarded to the player will count as a kill and a win.

o Note: Keep in mind that killing a Karthus or Kog'Maw and then dying to their passive still means that you've gotten firstblooded. Similarly, if you are Yorrick and you have been killed then come back to kill your enemy with your ultimate, you have also been first-blooded (you lost). Pay attention and make sure to take screenshots.

· If First Blood does not occur, either summoner may win the game by destroying the enemy's second tower of the mid lane.

- The matches shall be 1v1, in middle lane, jungle and both bases.

- Matches are best of 3 and will be referred to as a "MATCH"

· All of the matches are played over a 1 day window and will be referred to as a "ROUND"

- Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Grand-Final rounds will be best of 3.

- Each summoner have 4 champion bans every match.

· Champion bans will take place in the pre-game lobby with the top (or left hand) summoner of the bracket starting first and banning in a 1-2-2-2-1 order.

· Banned champions stay banned for each match (i.e. Champions banned at the start of game one stay banned throughout all games.

· Bans can ONLY change between rounds (new opponents).

· Beginning at Quarter-Final round, each game will have new bans and picks (final 8)

· From the Quarter-Finals on, each summoner will only have 30 seconds between each ban and pick. If either summoner fails to ban in time, they lose the ban.

Additional Match Rules:

· All matches are to be played with even teams, means if you have spectators: they are not permitted to have a global passive of any sort. If this happens, restart the match with the same picks/bans.

· If teams are uneven for any reason the match MUST be restarted before either summoner attacks a minion.

· Going into top and bottom lane is not allowed. Screenshot to provide as evidence to support your case.

· Manipulation of creeps in midlane is permitted such as Sona, Aegis of the Legion etc. However, manipulation of creeps in other lanes is not allowed, neither is farming them.

· There are no restrictions on the jungle creeps including the Dragon (no Baron Nashor).

· There is no restriction on use of Recall.

· Banned items: Guardian Angel, Wriggle's Lantern, Madred's Razor (no ban on, Madreds Blood Razor) Banned summoner spells: Spectator CV's and Fortify, Revive, Teleport, Fortify

/!\WARNING/!\ Any vulgar acts in, during, or before the match has begun (including on the forums) can be grounds for a DQ, so Summoners please keep it pleasant.

Tournament Technicalities:

· If any personal issues arise or any questions please contact: TournamentStaff on forums.

· All summoners must have NA client (No matches will take place on EU or Asian client).

· In the event of brackets: player on the top will start bans OR player on the left will start bans, players on the bottom OR right will have first pick.

· In the event of no player showing for a set match - Both players will be disqualified and the opponent they would have played will get a BYE.

· In the event of a disconnect, if the player disconnects/crashes/server instability prior to either champion attacking minions, each other or neutral monsters, then the game is to be restarted with same champions/summoners. If server instability is continuing, the deadlines may be lifted and the round extended.

· In the event of bugs / exploits / hacks please notify TournamentStaff on forums.


* Report your victory on our tournament page at : . ( You must be logged in)

* Intentionally misreporting your match, may result in future bans from our tournaments.

* Matches are expected to be reported within an hour of the match.

* If a dispute occurs, please be able to provide screenshots and evidence to support your case.


Additional Prizes TBD
Sponsored by

· 1st : $400 USD

· 2nd : $150 USD

· 3rd : $50 USD
Prize Pool:

· Sponsored by Riot:

· 1st : $25RP + Triumphant Ryze+ Champion Skin Bundle + one legendary skin of choice

· 2nd : $20 RP + Champion Skin Bundle

· 3rd & 4th : $15RP + Champion Skin Bundle

· 5th – 8th : $15 RP

· 9th – 16th : $10RP

· 17th -32nd : $5 RP

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