Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zygor WoW Leveling Guide Review

Reviewer: Gabriel
Rating: 5stars(fastest leveling guide)
Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee

Zygor Guides
Zygor Guides by John Cook is one of the most popular World of Warcraft guide currently due to many benefits it offer to the user such as easy to use software and fast leveling guide. These features have helped many players to strengthen their character quickly and at the same time still enjoying the game.

Zygor Guides Review – Pros and Cons

ProsPretty much the fastest and easiest leveling guide that I ever use. The level auto sync, talent advisor, irrelevant quests auto-skip, and continuous updates are another reason why I’ll never stop using this one.

ConsWoW is keep evolving and Zygor is no part of Blizzard, so from time to time, you’ll find a glitch or two here and there due to the recent updates impact. Whenever you see this, immediately contact their support and ask them to fix it.

Zygor Guides Review – Features Summary

1. In game guide with everything being taken care by the program, including what to do, where to go, what to kill, which quest to take, which item to find, show related places by putting dot in your map, both in world map and mini map, set waypoints, and arrow in front of your character pointing where to go, complete with distances and coordinates.
It is truly like having a pro World of Warcraft player looking over your shoulder, telling you what to do on each step. NO MORE old style PDF guide with alt-tab every 3 minutes.

2. It will guide you from level 1 to maximum level without grinding, 100% questing.

3. Specific guide for Alliance and Horde with details for every class and starter guide for every race.

4. Class quests also included.

5. Auto sync with your character level and finished quest even if you start using this guide at level 24 or 60.

6. If you are using Recruit a Friend, Heirloom Items, doing instances running so much, or other things that made you getting too far ahead from the guide, it will skip unnecessary steps and automatically sync with your current level.

7. Including Talent Advisor which detect when your character level up and offer you a suggestion about spending your new talent point.

8. When you create a quests circuit (a series of quests designed to leveling), sometimes it can’t apply for all  class. Eg: a low level mage or warlock may have difficulties finishing a quest due their lack of health while a warrior at the same level can finish it easily.
The Zygor Guides have been tested using various class and race to makes sure that it will never gives you an impossible task to accomplished at your level.

9. No need to remember where you left since the guide will be there to remind you when you log on again

10. Another reason why I decide to do this Zygor Guides review is a unique feature: if you stray from the guide and leveling your toon far ahead, the guide will automatically ditch undone irrelevant quests that don’t offer much benefits for your current level.

11. The author is an active player, so you will get updated version that match World of Warcraft newest patch each time.

12.You need to install the guide first, and it is LEGAL; you won’t get banned by Blizzard for using it. It is not that difficult with the easy to understand video tutorial provided, but if you have technical problem, contact the support staff in his forum.

13. 100% money back guarantee.

Zygor Guides Review – Conclusion
If you are looking for easy lightning fast leveling, don’t want to bother with every details of both quests and class quests, as well as having an in game Talent Advisor, then you have found the right guide.


  1. I used to use this guide when i played WoW, its great.

  2. I heard about this. Seems awesome. I just never spent the money on it. Probably will when I start WoW back up! Great post man, like your blog.

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