Saturday, May 21, 2011

Halo Reach Video Game Review

I have always been a Halo fan and I have followed the series since the start with Halo: Combat Evolved on Xbox. I would say this is a must for any shooter fan. It is a great addition to the Halo series.

The story is very well planned out even though any fan of the series should know how it ends, it still delivers an amazing campaign. Something I have always enjoyed about the Halo games is just how many ways you can approach the game-play and Halo Reach takes that to a whole new level. Whether you like to melee, snipe or even grabbing an Assault Riffle to spray and pray you will find a way to play using any method and this adds a lot of replay value. The only issue I had with the campaign is the lack of use of the different Armour Abilities - for example, I was looking forward to using the Jet Pack but you only get to use that Ability twice throughout the campaign.

The graphics are amazing, you can really notice how much they have improved from the others, they brings the Halo universe to alive and make you feel like you are a part of the game has you discover all the new locations of Reach.

As always the main hype and selling point of the Halo series is the online Multiplayer. The action is fast paced and there are so many playlists to choose from that there is a game type for everyone. The Armor Abilities feel balanced apart from Armor Lock still to find its weakness but this just adds to the chaos. The online Multiplayer has a different feel to this game than the others in the series but I think that why I enjoyed playing it more.

I fell in love with the customisation of the Spartan Armor and the with ranking system, there is many different challenges and commendations to have you playing for months.

If you like the idea of raining death down from above while Jet Packing over people, deflecting rockets and grenades with Armor Lock then this game is for you.

The only bad thing about Reach I can say is that it is the last Halo game by Bungie, maybe another developer will continue with the Halo series in the future but it will not be the same without them.


  1. Been watching a lot of MLG streams. I want to start playing again.

  2. i have enjoy to play this game