Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console Review

Back away, 2D consoles. Here comes the newest wonder in the portable gaming lineage. The Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console is set to take the gamers market by storm by the end of March 2011. Yet before this highly-anticipated launch, people are already raving about this first-ever 3D handheld console.

The Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console has made a breakthrough in the portable gaming world with its auto-3D display that doesn't require the user any special glasses. This 3D feature allows a more realistic gaming experience. With enhanced depth, the game can display its characters and obstacles in a way that the users can increase their skill levels in no time.
Although the dual-screen console generally opens in 3D, it is a good thing that it also includes a depth controller that can transform games into 2D. This comes in a form of a slider, which can be used for adjusting the 3D display settings. Users may also choose to turn off the 3D effect completely whenever they like it.

The Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console also boasts of its wireless connection features that seem to level with that of the existing smartphones. It can exchange data from one console to another even when the users who carry them are merely passing by the streets. This feature is aptly dubbed as StreetPass. Even in Sleep Mode, the device can share its data. Miis or personalized avatars are among the data that are being exchanged in the process. SpotPass is another wireless feature that can detect Wi-Fi hotspots even when Sleep Mode is activated. It can download free software and other similar data into the system.

2D Nintendo games that were released in the past years can still be played in Nintendo 3DS. For those who prefer gaming without the additional dimensional feature, the Backwards Compatibility can be an advantage. After all, the 3D effect of this device can only be viewed at some angle and which may even cause eyestrain when used frequently.

Nintendo 3DS still retains the physical controls of its predecessors. The gamers can interact with the device using the stylus, the analog stick and the traditional push-buttons. The stylus is great for using the touch screen when controlling the games. It can be adjusted at any length depending on the user's preference. 

With all its impressive features, the Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console still managed to fail at one point: the battery life. Expect playing in 3D effect to cause a battery drain after three to five hours of continuous playing. It can be observed that the other Nintendo DS that came before 3DS can offer a more decent battery life. Overall, it is a gaming console that is well worth the wait.
With the release of the console gone, you can see that the really good deals and bundles are now starting to come out.


  1. I totally agree, 3D was a gimmick, and battery life was like 2 hours for me. Moved on from it.

  2. thx for the review, I won't buy it anyway but k

  3. I highly doubt this will catch on... makes consoles more expensive but the games are rarely using the 3d as a gameplay feature.