Thursday, May 5, 2011

World Of Warcraft: Top 10 Races For Rogues

Are you in a situation where you would like to play a Rogue in World of Warcraft (WoW) but you get yourself stuck on which race is the best for your rogue character? This WoW Rogue guide will assist you on deciding the race that you are most comfortable with for your rogue. However, please take note that this is only a brief WoW Rogue guide and does not give a complete leveling guide. 

About the Rogue: The rogue class in WoW is extremely popular as you can see the number of rogues in the WoW servers. The rogue is not an easy character to play with but with practice and skill, the rogues are perfect for the kill. The rogue is more focused on stealth attacks and backstabs, so generally it is more focused on PVP kills and some players may find it difficult to level up on PVE. Some beginners of WoW actually ignore the racial benefits of each race. But in WoW, these certain racial skills can provide you with the advantage in a battlefield. So choosing the best race in creating the rogue character is an essential first step.

Below you can find the races that are most often used for Rogue Classes:

a. Undead (horde):
The undead race is extremely popular for Rogues for their ability "Will with the Forsaken" that removes charm, fear and sleep effects.

b. Humans (alliance):
Humans can escape from movement impairment effects using "Every Man for Himself".

c. Gnome (alliance):
They can also free themselves from movement impairment effects making use of "Escape Artist" skill. They're small characters so it makes it hard to click target on them on the battlefield.

d. Worgen (alliance):
They can boost their movement speed by 40% and increase their critical strike rating by 1%.

e. Orc (horde):
The Orcs can boost their attack and spell power for a few seconds, they can also reduce stun effect durations by 15%.

f. Dwarf (alliance):
Dwarves can remove the effects of bleed, poison and disease, adding 10% defense to their armor.

g. Troll (horde):
The trolls can increase their attack speed via "Berserking", and can reduce the duration of movement disabling effects by 15%.

h. Night elf (alliance):
Night elves can be undetected as long as they remain motionless. They can also increase movement speed during stealth.

i. Blood elf (horde):
Blood elves can silence enemies for 2 seconds.

j. Goblin (horde):
Their "Rocket Jump" can be useful for chasing or escaping.
Each race features a unique individual racial skill which can be used to your benefit during attacks in PVP or PVE. Choose the best race that you are most comfortable and most compatible with your gaming style. We offer other WoW strategy guides that can be found on the website, check them out sometime.