Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Review On Video Games

A healthy body means a health on the outside as well as inside. Physical as well as mental wellness and fitness is equally important. Video games have captured the imagination of children and youth worldwide. Since its creation every year you have more number of games entering the market.

Often being blamed for causing change in the behavior of the child, the games have its share of gray too. Before we go into the gray part, let us know the nicer sides of playing video games.

It popularity is huge amongst children of all age group. It is considered a healthy and good recreation; provided the parent makes sure the child is watching and playing the right kind f games. There are a number of video games that instigates violence and makes the child quite insensitive. Choose the game that suit your child s age group, and also keep violence and bad mouthed games away from your shelf.

There are a number of educational games available too. With math or quiz, and puzzles as the theme, the child has to often solve the problem or crack the code to break through each level. Thus, it keeps the child mentally engrossed in a thinking process, and trains his ability to analyze, understand make strategies, follow rules, and train to restrict oneself within rules etc. It also improves the motor co-ordination and hand - eye co-ordination. Search for games that has an aim being its game, which is a brain teaser.

Another benefit of video game is that many of these can be played with a partner or a team, and thus you learn to play as a team and learn to adjust and accommodate with everyone. Upcoming gadgets and the newer generation gizmos offer a lot of gaming that most elders are not able to grasp. A child is a quick learner, and he can teach elders the do's and don'ts, helping bonding between them and also encouraging his self confidence.

Video games can become an addiction. Since these are very engrossing and exciting to play, stopping and sticking to your decision to stop at a particular hour is difficult. Thus you may end up playing longer hours which are strenuous for eyes, and absolutely bad for your body. Lack of physical exercise may lead to obesity and various other illnesses thereafter. Besides, it also causes isolation in many. Most who spend hours playing video games, fail to connect with the real world which is harmful. Indoor games can be fun, outdoor games and academic studies are extremely important too.


  1. Video Game Review on the player! I like it man. It's hard to break hobbies you do regularly.

  2. yes, the strained eyes is a big problem for me:)