Friday, April 27, 2012

Skyrim DLC Hinted At in Latest Game Files, Includes Snow Elves & Crossbows

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding potential Skyrim DLC. 
 People have said that Bethesda will implement everything from dragon mounts
 to the entire province of Morrowind in the game. However, today we’ve got 
some rather concrete evidence of what future DLC may have in store, thanks 
to some handy files found within the latest patch.

On one hell of a hunch, a BethSoft forum user scanned the files from patch (1.5.26)
 and found some very interesting file names. Here are just a few:

That’s right, Snow Elves and crossbows. Even the Snow Elf Prince.

If you’re wondering just what in the world a “Snow Elf” is, you should know that they were once a proud race who were driven from Skyrim by the Nords. Those who survived the persecution sought refuge among the Dwemer but were betrayed, turned blind, and enslaved… you now know them as those hideous Falmer than lurk deep within Dwemer ruins. Oh, those poor Snow Elves.

Ah, but what of this mysterious Snow Elf Prince?

This elf stood high above all his kinsmen. It was he was who led his people against the Nords at theBattle of the Moesring and it was he who died in that battle, killed by a mere child. Out of respect for this brave warrior, the Nords laid him to rest there in Solstheim. (You can read all about it in that book you’ve probably glanced over in-game)

A Nord warrior sees much in a life of bloodshed and battle, and is rarely surprised by anything armed combat may bring. But few among us that day could have imagined the awe and uncertainty of a raging battlefield that all at once went motionless and silent. Such is the effect the Snow Prince had on us all. The glorious Snow Prince, an Elf unlike any other, did come that day to bring death to our kind. And death he so brought. May our gods honor him in death, and may we never meet his kind again in life.

I can’t wait to meet him.

Given that the Falmer were also quite fond of spears and we’ve already seen Bethesda show off full spear animations, perhaps crossbows aren’t the only new weapons coming to this DLC? One can only hope.

So string up your crossbow and get your hiking boots ready, it looks like we’re headed underground and possibly back to the island of the Bloodmoon to relive a battle for the ages…

Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops, Bethesda may have some news for us next week.

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