Friday, April 6, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash Games

Today most gaming sites have switched from the downloaded software of the past to modern Flash technology. Flash offers gamers many benefits and few drawbacks. Flash use in advertising and games is becoming increasingly common. In the past online gamers were required to download game software which in some cases was a long complicated process. In addition the downloaded software took up valuable computer space and in a few cases affected the overall performance of player's computers. Downloaded software in some cases posed security problems. There have been many cases of viruses, Trojans and other malware bundled with downloaded software. In many cases users were unaware of the malware until it was too late and their computers were compromised. Although flash technology has eliminated these problems players should still use a firewall and a good antivirus program to stay safe online.

Flash has several advantages. Cross browser compatibility is one of these benefits. Players do not have to worry about HTML and CSS codes being interpreted differently in most browsers. Once the flash player plugin is installed the player will be able to view flash content with no problems no matter what browser is used. Flash supports animations, audio, and advanced videos and provides players with more interactive features. Flash bingo technology gives online bingo operators the ability to make their sites more interactive.

Websites using flash games require users to download the flash plugin. Usually the process is very quick and requires no special computer skills. Players have the option of getting automatic updates to their flash plugins. Once the plugin is installed players may access flash based games instantly. Flash does have one major downside for mobile bingo players. Currently iPhones and Blackberries cannot read flash making it impossible to access many online bingo sites using flash based games. Small screen sizes are also a problem and limit access to chat rooms and side games. Online bingo operators and software developers are working on the problem but the process will not be quick. The mobile market is growing and cannot be ignored by game providers.

Downloaded software limits players to the specific computer with the downloaded software. Flash games give players the ability to play from any computer, including laptops and some mobile devices. Bingo is an ancient game that has adapted to modern technology quite nicely. Online players receive big bingo bonuses, and there is always a promotion or tournament going on somewhere. Many industry experts are predicting more technological changes in the very near future.

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  1. I like some flash games, they are nice to have.