Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Diablo 3 Information

We have a few goodies for you guys today, including a sneak peak at the Barbarian Character creation animation and some in-game screenshots! As the information starts to pour in, we will be have a wide-spread coverage of the upcoming Blizzard Entertainment game, Diablo 3!


  1. Diablo 3 is something I can't really get myself to like. I'm about 80% sure I'll never own it. That might have something to do with it lol.

  2. in your case 80% might as well be 100%.

    in life, you tend to get what you expect.

    anyways, I own

    let's get together and make stuff happen when it comes out

    lmk mayn

  3. very nice. I love me some diablo ^________^