Thursday, September 15, 2011

Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Now Out!

The Minecraft 1.8 update has finally arrived. check it out, also tell us some of the things you have been making and even post pictures!

Patch Notes:
Here are the main highlights of the 1.8 update:
  • Endermen are rare (YAY!) and die in water.
  • Zombies now drop rotten flesh (Not feathers)
  • All the tame mobs will drop meat except sheep and once killed will not respawn in that area.
  • XP will be used for levelling up. You get XP from killing mobs and lose it when you die.
  • Food is stackable but eating now takes time and has an animation.
  • Larger, and new biomes.
  • Added watermelons and made them (and pumpkins) farmable
  • Added towns, they might have NPCs (Jeb wants them to talk, Notch doesn't)
  • Strongholds near villages.
  • Added brightness slider, the deeper down you go the darker it gets. Torches held in your hand may emit light now.
  • New lighting system, much faster. Improved chunk generation speeds.
  • Exploring will be more rewarding.
  • Double-tap W to sprint/run.
  • Combat has been revamped, it is more rewarding.
  • Added an animation to bows.
  • Added a creative mode in which you can fly and spawn items.

Awesome castle

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