Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FieldRunners - iPhone Tower Defense Game

I've been downloading apps like crazy. I'm absolutely addicted to playing games on my iPhone, but my favorite game is FieldRunners, hands down. It's a few dollars to download, but I use it more than any other app I've downloaded. I challenge you to beat my high score!

In short, the game is based on tower defense strategies. You need to create towers that stop the army guys from reaching one side of the map, to the other. The strategy is that you have to choose different towers and weaponry to use, along with building maps to navigate army men, while trying to slow them down and damage forces. There are three different maps, with three different levels on each. There is also the option to download two more maps, but at the cost of 99 cents each.

Stay tuned for more iPhone games being reviewed!


  1. This is an excellent game, much better than Angry Birds.

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