Friday, June 3, 2011

Brink: Review

Brink is the newest game from Splash Damage, the makers of Quake Wars. Much is expected from this game as an FPS game and it delivers in areas where the expectations are high. We take a closer look at what Brink has to offer below.

Unlike other FPS games, Brink actually has a story to its gameplay. For those who are looking for a free for all shooting extravaganza upon the start of the game, you will be disappointed. Brink is set in a futuristic world where sea levels are rising and thus, forcing the human race to retreat to a floating city called The Ark. Over time, beliefs and social status divisions have torn apart the peacefulness in the Ark -- there are those who want to leave the Ark in search of better opportunities outside and those that wish to protect the city's interests. This is apparent before starting the game play because you will be asked which faction you wish to play for.

Game Controls
The game's controls are typical for an FPS game. There are some exceptions, however. The most notable of these exceptions is the ability to activate the SMART system by simply holding the left bumper. The SMART system, otherwise known as the Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain system, allows the character to go into a free-run mode and move quickly past the obstacles in the game environment. The SMART system tells you something of the game developer's skills as they have included the element of parkour without becoming a complication in the game play.

Modes of Play
There are three modes of play in Brink - Free Play, Challenge, and Campaign Modes. In the campaign mode, characters have to complete missions with several objectives under a certain time limit. Objectives vary according to the faction chosen. Under Free Play, the player can customize the match according to maps, objectives, and opponent's skill levels. On the other hand, the Challenge mode allows you to unlock weapons and get upgrades by completing each challenge satisfactorily.

Undeniably, the game was designed with excellent graphics. For console play, there is a noticeable texture lag, but that's nothing to worry about because a patch will soon be available to fix this problem.

Player Classes
Similar to other FPS games, you can play Brink as a soldier, engineer, operative, or medic. The soldier is heavily responsible for the gun fights while the medic boosts health and revives fallen teammates. The operative is basically a spy that can hack devices and work undercover. The engineer, on the other hand, is able to repair broken gears, plant mines, and create turrets. Because Brink is an objective-based game, mastering one character alone will not be enough. You need to know how the other members of your team can contribute to completing your mission objective. For example, there are instances when an objective cannot be completed without the skills of an engineer, etc. In case, you don't have that particular class available, you can easily switch to one in your team's Command Post.

One thing that sets Brink apart from other FPS games is the ability to customize characters heavily. There are 11 ways for you to customize a character in Brink and these are as follows: archetype, voice, tattoos and scars, facial hair, face paint, hair and head gear, face gear, body tattoo, shirt, jacket, and pants. Body type also affects game play. All characters start out with a medium body type but you have the option to change to a light or heavy body upon unlocking them.

Game Play
Unlike other FPS games out today, Brink is an objective-based game play. For those who are unfamiliar with this type of play, the transition can be frustrating. Nevertheless, once you get familiar with the game objectives, it'll be easier to adjust and complete missions. Teamwork is also necessary in playing Brink which makes it difficult if you intend to play solo. However, if you play Brink online with other game enthusiasts, then it will certainly hook you up for hours.
Because it has only been launched recently, there is still much left to be said for Brink. Let's wait and see how future patches and updates will improve Brink's gaming experience. But for now, it's as good as it gets.

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