Thursday, May 10, 2012

League of Legends - How to be better at the league of legends, Instantly!

Hi guys,
I'm just a 1700 player not that high ranked but I think i have a few pieces of advice that could be helpful to ANYONE who plays this game, whether a seasoned player or a new lvl 9.Much of this advice is mostly relevant to mid or top. but can be applied to every lane.
First of all there seems to be a stigma or negative connotation for 'tryharding'...My philosophy on that is that the game requires the same amount of attention regardless of how 'hard' you are trying.You can't really play this game and do something else at the same time so regardless of whether you're focusing on playing well or not you will still be only doing 1 thing:playing.So why not play well?So be a tryhard, focus 100% on playing well.How do you know if you're focusing?Little things such as paying attention to where their jungler is/last was or where yours is, matter a lot.So that'd be my 1st tip.Try to focus, be a tryhard.
Get good at every role.Please, Please don't adopt the maining mentality, where you only play 1 champion or 1 role.To play this game at a decent level you should be ready to play every role, and hopefully you know a handful of champions at each role...why?Countering is very essential in this game.You see a riven on the opposite team?You could go malphite and ruin his day.Winning the lanes often leads to winning the game.
Pick intelligently.Hey I know your best top champion is tryndamere but if you are up against a yorick you should consider picking someone else or you're gonna have a bad time.better to play a champ you're decent at with a good matchup vs a champ you're good at with a terrible matchup.
Adjust your play according to your opponents.My friend is an example of a person who doesn't do this.He was playing gp vs garen, however he has this static build that he doesn't deviate from.He got mercury threads and was still getting dominated by garen at top, however this would have been a clear time to get a ninja tabi.You have to itemize vs your laning opponent in the early game.Its an easy way to gain lane dominance(if the lane is tied so far) or help yourself catch up.Another way to adjust your play is by gauging your opponent's skill or his playstyle.If you realize your opponent is misplaying often or not playing very smart vs your match up.TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT, exploit his weaknesses, is he going to balls deep for a single creep?or risking himself with no wards?Make sure you snowball off of this as opponents won't hesitate to.
Ward.Ward.Ward.I know i know, this subreddit is full of people saying this.But that is only because its the easiest way to gain an advantage in game, to instantly die less, and be more confident in your lane.Always buy a ward, you won't be able to play to your full potential without them.You can't play confident if you have no wards you will be begging for the opponent to come and rip you a new one(hey they don't know you don't have wards but they will quickly realize when they see you overextend and not b once their jungler comes around and a smart jungler will take advantage of this.)
Don't make the same mistake multiple times in one game.Hey i know that renekton just killed you by clutch and you might be a little bit mad but don't you think it wouldn't be smart to get into range of his slice and dice just to last hit a single creep?Either way till he pushes or go roam(if he freezes)...Dying to him 1 more time isn't gonna help you win.I have seen many people repeatedly try to 1v1 the guy who killed them earlier in the lane, but if he killed you once he can snowball off of that , so play smart being guided by your brain not your emotions.
Lane positioning is a lot more important than it seems.Learn when to push, when to freeze, when to go for a gank at mid.Your ward ran out(cause its impossible that you never had one ;)?Try to freeze the lane right in front of the tower if possible, if not you have other options if your opponent B'd then you can push the lane to their tower,then B while its there that way the lane resets to the middle and you get your much needed ward to be safe in the lane.If your opponent is freezing at their tower, DONT RISK IT, go gank mid/top or B up.
Relay to your team useful know your top opponent doesn't have wards?let your jungle know.Their jungle just tried ganking you at top?Let mid know he might be headed there next or maybe try to steal your blue/red depending on side.
Go into games with a positive attitude, none of that 'feed or mid stuff' you can easily say say "Hi team, I'd prefer to play mid as I consider it my best role." but really you shouldn't be tunneling one position, there are chances that you personally excel at mid but maybe the other person on your team who wants to be mid isn't better than you at mid but he is a lot worse at top so why not be top?You can't really affect trolls or anything so just ignore them and move on and try to be as nice to your team.I have made a handful of friends in ranked mostly cause i try not to be an ass and as soon as I'm in a lobby i state that i like top and mid but can play whatever the team needs.Don't type negative things when your top gives fb and then your mid's still 0-2 its not by any means GG.Focus on your game, improving yourself , and helping as much as you can in taking your team to victory.
Dont stay too long in lane even if you're winning it.By not going B you are giving the opponent that you are 3-0 against a chance to catch up due to him having items over you.Just don't do it.B up, get items, snowball to victory.
Don't be wasteful.Are you about to die to an ignite and have 100% no chance of getting away?Then don't waste that flash that you will surely need within the next 4 mins.
Don't get cocky.Hey you are 7-0, that's cool.Doesn't mean you can take their entire team on, what it does mean is that when you try you will be giving one of them 600gold.Remember the score is 7-7 so really you dying can give the game away.
Don't assume, be aware.This is mostly a lack of awareness because there is no way to miss the fact that your teammates are not with you.People see somebody right next to them and assume they can read your mind on your next play.Make sure you ping or let em know before hand or you will likely be flashing bangage toss and ulting 5 enemies without followup from your team. Don't be the one saying 'WTF TEAM?' when you should have known that they weren't around or went to do red, etc.The information is freely available use it.
Think about everything you do and what you want to do it for.Facechecking that bush?what purpose does it serve?If the answer is none then don't do it, you are taking a risk for no reward, don't aimlessly walk around without an objective.Autoattacking the creepwave?Does not help you obtain more cs might in fact make it more difficult, don't do it!
That's all I can think of for now.Hope it helps at least 1 person out there :)


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