Friday, January 27, 2012

Battlefield 3 Review

   When it comes to delivering edge-of-your-seat action in the first-person-shooter department, Activision's Call of duty has dominated the landscape on this current round of consoles with a long line of impressive installments that solidified the franchises status as a true gaming icon.
    But where many publishers see an impenetrable fortress, at least one of the industry's big guns sees an opportunity to hit the storied series right where it hurts -- namely, Electronic Arts, which pulled out all the stops for their latest blockbuster shooter, Battlefield 3. Billed as "Above and Beyond the Call," BF3 set its sights squarely on Modern Warfare 3 this holiday season, with the hope of becoming the new top dog in the world of war-games -- and, thanks to developer DICE's innovative Frost-bite 2 engine, they just might have a shot.
    Blending incredible animations, earth-shattering explosions, and more real-time effects than you can shake an AK-47 at, BF3's single-player experience is jam-packed with an impressive mix of realistic tactics and adrenaline-pumping gun-play. This helps drive the game's intrigue-laden plot as you uncover the truth behind events surrounding a group of soldiers caught up in a conflict on the Iran-Iraq border -- including stealth missions, bomb-defusing operations, and a massive firefight in the midst of a live earthquake!
     It's an impressive package, but DICE didn't just deliver a hollywood-caliber campaign and call it a day. They've also integrated a host of online co-op missions that allow you and a friend to partner up and take out the opposition. Additionally, the robust multiplayer slate that showcases DICE's considerable chops through a bevy of modes such as Conquest, Rush, and Team Deathmatch, offering a wealth of depth and replay value for fans of competitive play.
      This should come as no surprise, considering this is the same core team that helped develop the immensely successful Battlefield 1942 -- known for its large-scale battles and intense vehicular scenarios -- and DICE did an excellent job at staying true to its roots, as BF3 follows suit with the ability to pilot tanks, choppers,jets, and more across massive maps full of intricate detail and thoughtful design that helps keep each match interesting.
      Taken together, it's a pretty impressive package that mostly delivers on its promises. While it may be touch to say if all these options cumulatively provide the muscle needed to unseat Call of duty from its place at the head of the table, Battlefield 3 is a clear turning point for the franchise that demands a long, hard look from both avid action gamers and FPS junkies alike. 

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  1. Call of Duty series still rules matter whatever Bf3 has. I should know 'cause I've bought & played both.

    Bf3: great graphics (& that's it), crappy game mechanics, stoopid single player story; didn't buy the game for it's MP.

    COD still rocks!!