Monday, November 14, 2011

Skyrim - What Every Player Should Know Going Into Skyrim

Lately been seeing many posts asking/listing tips about the game. I decided to create this one so all of you could post them here for other to see. I will update the OP with each tip posted so people don't have to scroll through the whole thing. Hopefully as we get more tips and tricks in here I can put them in different categories for easier viewing
Here to start us off, some of the tips I saw posted.
  • THE SPRINT BUTTONS ARE: PC=Alt, Xbox=LB, PS3=L2, you can also sprint on a horse
  • You can rebind all of your keys in the control menu
  • If you give your companion a torch they will use it at night-LINK
  • If you want to keep sprinting don't let your stamina run out fully as it takes a few seconds to starts regenerating
  • If you see oil on the ground there is usually a lamp you can knock on the ground to set the oil on fire
  • You can dismount a horse in the water and then mount it again to have regular speed-LINK
  • You can equip a pickaxe and "hit" the ore vein to start mining, likewise you can dualweild them to mine faster
  • Waiting (Press T) will fill up your Magika/Health/Stamina bar instantly
  • Try reading every book you see, the bigger the value of it, the more likely it has a free skill up or a quest inside waiting for you
  • To hide your UI while taking screenshots type in tm in console (~), then type it again to bring it back
  • Dragons will only land if you are in a clearing
  • You can take torches off the wall to make the room more dark if you are trying to sneak
  • When attacking with bow from far away press the sneak button to do double damage, even if you are not a sneaky character
  • Most items that you put inside your home will stay there, so you can safely decorate it however you like
  • Using Unrelenting force will stop any enemy casting/channeling
  • Every major city stables has a wagon which you can use to fastravel to other cities you've never been to
  • In most major holds there is a map with little flags on it that you can use to mark new places on your map
  • You can buy a dog form a breeder outside Markath for a small price
  • Your horse can climb up mountains that you couldn't on foot.
  • You can take keys from your companions to have access to their house
  • If the NPCs are asking you about your health ("feeling sick?" or "You feeling alright?") that means you have a disease, use a shrine to cleanse it, or craft a disease curing potion and drink it
  • Don't sell all of your magical weapons since you can disenchant them and level up your enchanting skill that way
  • You can place baskets on peoples head and then steal their stuff without them noticing -LINK
  • You can hotkey your favorite items by opening the favorite menu (Q), highlighting the item and click 1-8 buttons on your keyboard
  • Fire does the most raw damage,Frost and Shock do the same amount of damage, but ice drains stamina and slows the enemy, and Lightning drains magicka.
  • You can revive every living creature exceptdragons with the Reanimate spells in the Conjuration tree
  • Making Iron daggers and Leather Bracers is a quick way to level up early smithing, use them for enchanting skill ups or sell them to a vendor for speech skill ups
  • When you increase your stamina you also increase your maximum carry capacity by 5
  • By holding the "Use" key you can move items around.
  • When you trade armor to your companions they automatically equip it if its better then what they currently have.
  • Resting in a bed will give you rested status, allowing for bonus XP gain, restin in your own bed (inside your house) will give you a well rested status allowing for even more bonus XP
  • By wearing Amulet of Mara (which you can buy in Riften for 200g) you have an option to marry people, marriage provides all sorts of benefits for you. For more info on marriage and list of spouses SEE HERE
  • To see locations of quests on your map select them in your journal and hit M
  • To discover new dragon shout words talk to the Argenier the Greybeard leader in the High Hrothgar and he will give you a small side quest and direct you to a new world wall one a time.
  • You can fast travel while over encumbered with a horse
Alright guys let's get this going, hopefully we can get it to the top so many other people will see this and learn something. I will probably update this tomorrow morning or later tonight.
UPDATE: Updated some new stuff might consider starting to categorize a few, there are a bunch of tips related to controls and such I gotta go to sleep now, will update everything today after school.

Please, share your own ideas!
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  1. Is there a quick save button on PS3?

  2. Some great stuff in here, thanks for sharing and keep it up :-)

  3. Thanks for enjoying it! I will be keeping this up as long as my sites up :)

    If you like it, check out some of the other skyrim articles I did.