Monday, October 3, 2011

StarCraft 2 - 7 Easy Tips to Winning With Zerg, Protoss, and Terran

Winning in Starcraft 2 is much easier than many believe. The truth is that many players are simply unaware to basic game mechanics that will give most new players a 90 % win rate in bronze all the way to top ten in diamond league. There is just a few simple tips that one must remember in order to do this. Here are 7 tips that will change your game play so much you wont believe it was that simple.
1. Picking your Race: There is much debate about which race is the easiest to play out of bronze and up to diamond. The truth is any race can be played and win games with, as long as the player is comfortable. But, honestly in my opinion it will be much easier for a player to master protoss than zerg or terran. This is due to the straight forward nature of protoss. As for terran you can still reach the same levels as you would with protoss but it will be more difficult for you to compete once u reach diamond and above. Finally zerg will take a deeper understanding of the game alongside a grasp on game mechanics in order win consistently
2. MACRO!, MACRO!, MACRO!: The term macro which refers to hotkeying your units or structures by holding down Ctrl and pressing a numerical number. this will allow you to control the unit or structure while not having to click on it or even be looking at it. So you can focus on attacking while still building workers and sending reinforcements to aid in the battle
3. Workers win games: It is a must to constantly produce workers through the game till all expansions are saturated with 20 workers on minerals and 6 on gas. The key to winning is a strong economy hands down
4. Scouting: Many low level players do not scout nearly enough, by watching what your opponent is building, you are able to prepare for the units he is using. Rather than being surprised when he knocks on your back door with 40 void rays and your forces are on other side of map
5. Map control: this is achieved by having units in all areas of map especially expansion zones. furthermore, this aided by having multiple expansions all across map.
6. Controlling opponents economy: You will win every single game you play if you can prevent your opponent from expanding his economy. As long as u keep building units and preventing him from expanding you will starve him to defeat
7. Keeping up with supply: One of the worst mistakes a player can do is supply block himself by not building enough pylons, supply depot's, or overlords. this will severely cripple your unit out put as well as worker output and in return gives your enemy enemy the upper hand. NEVER become supply blocked.

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